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Community is essential to Quaker practice. We believe that the Light of Christ is present in every heart. However, each individual only perceives some portion of the Truth. By listening together, we receive a more complete understanding of how God is at work among us.

When we gather for worship each week, we share the responsibility of listening for God's guidance. This is the community at work, and it is the central event of our life together.

To get the most from community, we must be authentic with one another. At West Hills Friends, we're committed to being a safe and welcoming place, so all who gather with us may be their true selves.

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We meet for worship on Sunday mornings from 10:00-11:15am. Expect casual dress and the occasional giggle. The links below provide additional info.

First Word

One person's brief reflection on the spiritual journey.


From week to week, we enjoy different music leaders. As leaders change, so does the style of music.


Someone reads a passage of Scripture and a prepared message.

Open Worship

As we listen together, the Spirit may direct one of us to sing, speak or pray aloud.

Joys & Concerns

Each week, we take time to share our lives with one another.

Ye Olde Fair Trader
Business Meeting

All Church Workday
Baby/Wedding Shower
Coffee House

Peace Month
Dinner Groups
Equality Sabbath
Evolution Sunday
Hunger Month
Palm Sunday
Easter Egg Hunt
All Church Retreat
Grauer Back-to-School
Quaker Music Fest
Maplewood Cleanup
Dia de los Muertos
Sundae Sunday
Short Film Festival
Quaker Artisan Sale
Christmas Pageant
Christmas Eve